hip hARTist DBBeasley

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I am a self taught mixed media digital street artist that makes Art because it makes me feel better to see it in the world, outside my mind but from my soul. I would describe my Art as a mix of street and Pop; unapologetically American, “hip hART,” contrarian in style that, hopefully, begets arresting, vibrant pieces celebrating freedom, iconic figures, and consumerist culture immersed in Art meant to market.

I purposefully focus on digital media with the intention of each of my original artworks being secured forever on the blockchain.

I believe strongly in fair use and open source and accordingly incorporate those concepts literally and figuratively throughout my Art and it’s creation process.

My Art draws upon the most current in American culture and is eclectically inspired by my surroundings and experience; some of those things are industrial design, currency, sports, brand logos, imagery of iconic Americans, cartography, signage, typography, calligraphy, space exploration, archaeology, global cultures’ ancient artistic iconography; time light and shadows, language and literature, God and prayer…the sounds of our words. DBB